Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Fashion Report: The Row

   Now that all the Pre-Fall 2012 shows are over as well as the 69th Golden Globes, We can start reporting on new and upcoming trends we are seeing from designers! The first designer we will be reporting on is The Row. The Row is a high luxury brand created by America’s favorite fashionable twins, Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen. Although most people are unable to pay for their high priced goods, the people who can are in for a treat. The line consists of clean-lined pieces in basic colors. At first when you see a piece, you’ll probably think, “Do I really want to pay so much money for a pair of trousers?” YES. Although The Row kept their line to mostly basics, they are made of quality materials that will allow you to wear their clothes for a long time, or until next season. Each piece has a lovely quality about them. Whether its the simplicity of the piece, or the intricate details at the hem, you’ll want to have an item or two of their collection in your closet this season.

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