Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Recipes: Mini Molten Chocolate Cake

   Eventhough I didn't have a special someone to share Valentine's Day with, I still made a special treat for me and my family. I made a delicious mini molten chocolate cake that was to die for. This was a perfectly festive way to celebrate Valentine's Day. Between the chocolate and the surprise raspberries inside for a festive flair, it was definitely a crowd pleaser!



  Sprinkle Sisters


Here are some of our favorite picks from the Grammy's. Enjoy!

xoxo, Sprinkle Sisters 

Monday, February 13, 2012

Recipes: Brownie Cupcakes

We took the classic Brownie recipe and put into Cupcake form that everyone loves! I came up with this genius idea because I wanted to make brownies and frost them but, last time I did that it was a disaster! So in effort to redeem myself I decided to make brownies, put them into cute red tin foil paper, ice them, and decorate with Valentines day Sprinkles! Enjoy!

xoxo, Sprinkle Sisters


This weekend was miserably cold, so it automatically called for baking, making valentines day cards, and throwing on a cute outfit. I wore this to go see The Vow with a friend downtown. Great movie to set the mood for Valentines Day! Enjoy!

Shirt: Anthropologie , Jacket: Vintage, Jeans: True Religion, Scarf : Urban Outfitters (One similar here), Boots: Nordsrom (Old), Signature Necklace 

Friday, February 10, 2012


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Valentines Day

 It is so hard to believe that Valentines Day is just around the corner! Many people have mixed feelings about this particular holiday but, it is another reason to dress to impress in a festive but chic way! Need tips on how to stay festive but not look cupid? Well look no further! 
Here are our favorite Valentines day inspired picks! 

xoxo, Sprinkle Sisters 

Top from Free People

Perfect Pink Jeans
J Crew Shirt

J Crew Skirt

 Tory Burch Flats

Festive Earrings
Amazing Candle

J Crew Sweater J Crew Sweater 

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Fashion Report: Fabulous Prints

After looking through countless slideshows of pre-fall 2012 runway shows, we have come to a conclusion. Prints are in! To make sure you're looking chic when welcoming the new season, you can wear clothes, shoes, or accessories with a fabulous print on it. Our favorites for the fall are:

Edie purse in Italian calf hair. $448. jcrew.com 

Theodora & Callum Prima Ballet Flats. $235. shopbop.com

M Missoni Diagonal Stripe Colorblock Dress. $695. shopbop.com

Alice + Olivia Constance Striped Coat. $495. shopbop.com

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Effortless Chic: Wake Up!

Had a late night “studying” or stayed up too late watching the Bachelor the next morning, you might need a quick fix for looking more attentive, shall we say. An easy fix for this little problem is Mascara! A classic item in your makeup bag that cannot be forgotten. Most people say that the first thing that they notice about someone is their eyes. So, if you have a meeting with a professor, a meeting with a client, or interview (or a lunch date!) it is important to look your best. Mascara gives the illusion that your eyes are brighter so you can give the best first impression or keep a good one.

            For the best possible results use a good eyelash curler and then use your best mascara. Our favorites are mascaras by Laura Mercier, Nars, and Bare Escentuals.

xoxo, Sprinkle Sisters

Recipes: Rice Krispies

A classic desert that is a crowd favorite. So easy to make and serve.

1 Package of Big Marshmallows, 6 Cups of Rice Krispies, 2 1/2  Tablespoons of Butter,        

1. Pour One package of marshmallows into a Microwaveable bowl.
2. Add 2 1/2 tablespoons of Butter into the bowl.
3. Microwave for 2 minutes.
4. Take out and stir.
5. If needed Microwave for one more minute.
6. Then add in a cup of Rice Krispies and stir. Add one cup at a time.
7. Grease Pan.
8. Pour into pan and flatten.
9. Let cool, then serve.
(10. Decorate with colorful Sprinkles!)

xoxo, Sprinkle Sisters

Microwaved Marshmallows 

Adding in the Rice Krispies
Baking in Pajamas! 
Final Product :)

Fashion Report: Giambattista Valli

   First word that came to mind when we saw the Pre Fall 2012 collection for Giambattista Valli was luxury. This collection was a fresh taste of both clean elegance and luxury. The clean lines of the clothes give a relaxed structured look to any outfit and the luxe furs will make any girl (or guy) feel like royalty. An added layer of luxury comes from the bright colors from multiple patterns throughout the collection, including one of my favorites, cheetah. The best part of this collection however, is not the clothes. It’s the accessories. Valli is able to keep his looks interesting by adding cute bags, jewelry, and shoes to complete each look. The best pieces to have in your closet would be the jackets/ blazers, black calfskin boots, and purses. Hope you enjoy this lovely collection as much as we did!

Sprinkle Sisters

Fashion Report: The Row

   Now that all the Pre-Fall 2012 shows are over as well as the 69th Golden Globes, We can start reporting on new and upcoming trends we are seeing from designers! The first designer we will be reporting on is The Row. The Row is a high luxury brand created by America’s favorite fashionable twins, Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen. Although most people are unable to pay for their high priced goods, the people who can are in for a treat. The line consists of clean-lined pieces in basic colors. At first when you see a piece, you’ll probably think, “Do I really want to pay so much money for a pair of trousers?” YES. Although The Row kept their line to mostly basics, they are made of quality materials that will allow you to wear their clothes for a long time, or until next season. Each piece has a lovely quality about them. Whether its the simplicity of the piece, or the intricate details at the hem, you’ll want to have an item or two of their collection in your closet this season.

Sprinkle Sisters

Effortless Chic: Winter Sparkle

Even though we are in the dead middle of winter I still find myself dreaming of spring. When it comes to nail color I often feel adventurous. Nail polish is such an amazing invention because you can match it with your outfit, the season, or your mood. Just throwing on a coat of polish makes you look, well, polished!  In effort to find the best balance between winter and spring colors I used Essie’s “Lady Like” and “Shine of the Times” topcoat (on the ring finger only). The glittery topcoat adds a little something unexpected to just a regular manicure. These nails will leave you looking effortlessly chic! Enjoy!

Essie "Lady Like" and "Shine of the Times"
New Favorite Combo! 

Sparkle Topcoat on the Ring Finger 
xoxo, Sprinkle Sisters