Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Effortless Chic: Wake Up!

Had a late night “studying” or stayed up too late watching the Bachelor the next morning, you might need a quick fix for looking more attentive, shall we say. An easy fix for this little problem is Mascara! A classic item in your makeup bag that cannot be forgotten. Most people say that the first thing that they notice about someone is their eyes. So, if you have a meeting with a professor, a meeting with a client, or interview (or a lunch date!) it is important to look your best. Mascara gives the illusion that your eyes are brighter so you can give the best first impression or keep a good one.

            For the best possible results use a good eyelash curler and then use your best mascara. Our favorites are mascaras by Laura Mercier, Nars, and Bare Escentuals.

xoxo, Sprinkle Sisters

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